Natural Cat Cancer Remedies

No cat owner wants to have his or her beloved feline friend experience the terrors of cat cancer—but it’s surely better to be prepared to face this lurking enemy well-armed in advance, than to allow it to sneak up upon you without your having made any preparations. Learn as much as you can about warning signs.

Should that awful day come when you discover that your cat actually has cancer, it can be devastating, because, after all, your cat is a part of your family. The best way to handle this news is to take action.

Learn as much as you can about your cat’s cancer (we have information about some types of this dread, multifarious disease included on this website). Find out how to give him or her the best possible care.

Talk to your vet about available treatments for the particular form of cat cancer your pet faces. For some types of feline cancers, conventional Allopathic treatments have been proven effective (though often harsh and accompanied with severe side effects that will make you suffer to see them).

Depending on many factors, the conditions which your cat may face can vary greatly. You will certainly seek some kind of medical intervention– but whether you decide to seek conventional Allopathic treatment or some kind of Holistic, Alternative Medical advice will open many different options to you. Your regular veterinarians, of course, will always recommend that you visit their office or clinic.

From the Vet’s business point of view, this is logical—it’s even logical from their medical point of view; but it’s not always the right option from your sick cat’s point of view.

When your cat is continuing to suffer, continuing to be traumatized by visiting the Vet’s office (which your pet probably associates with bad memories)—and when you are continuing to shell out hefty payments per visit with seemingly no end in sight… it might be time to consider some alternatives.

A friend of mine told me about how natural remedies, such as ES Clear, work in the same way that a natural remedy would work in a human.

You already know that you and your cat share an emotional bond. Well, cats and humans share an amazingly similar immune and digestive system, too—and the same science can be applied to cat medicine which is applied to human medicine… and, fortunately for those of us who love cats, it has been.

Alternative remedies which have long been used with humans have also proven highly effective in treating cat cancer. These treatments—including natural remedies like ES Clear—can be used on their own, or to support conventional cancer treatments. So please consider carefully what would be most suitable for your cat.

Your goal should be to develop a total treatment plan for your cat. Such a plan will:

  • Give your cat the best possible chance of beating cancer
  • Keep your cat as comfortable and pain-free as possible

The exact causes of cat cancer are unknown. It is partly genetic, but there are also known contributing factors such as:

  • Diet (e.g. food colorings, food additives, poor nutrition)
  • Environment (air and water pollution, etc.)
  • Stress and advanced age

All these factors can damage your cat’s immune system, weakening his or her body’s natural ability to fight cancerous cells.

Keep your cat’s immune system strong and you will help reduce the risk that your cat’s cancer will spread to healthy tissue. You will also help keep your cat comfortable and happy.

What is ES Clear for Cat Cancer?

ES clear is a unique combination of specially-selected herbal extracts, painstakingly formulated by a leading Naturopathic vet.

The herbs in ES Clear have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. They have been shown to:

  • Slow the growth of cancerous tumors
  • Reduce or prevent the spread of cancer to surrounding cells
  • Strengthen a cat’s immune system

Will ES Clear cure my cat’s cancer?

There is no sure-fire cure for cancer, in cats or in humans. So for us to claim that ES Clear will cure your cat’s cancer would be irresponsible.

What we can state with confidence, is that the herbs in ES Clear have shown excellent results in treating cat cancer.

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